How it all began

Modern Day Baby started out as an idea that sparked a successful business that has assisted parents in Canada. It mixes good entrepreneurship with a passion for connecting parents with modern clothing options for their children.

The founder and owner of Modern Day Baby, Christine is a mother of three children, two of whom are under three. After having her son and daughter a year apart, Christine felt that all her gifted hand me down clothes were not of the greatest quality, and very gender specific. Christine could not share the clothes with her youngest daughter, and wanted keepsake photos of her children in classic outfits that would be framed forever. She constantly searched around for modern yet comfortable gender-neutral clothing that both her kids could share. In the process of searching for these unique pieces, she found love and joy in curating their capsule wardrobes. Having been in the fashion and beauty industry for over a decade, this was something that came naturally to her. Many hours were spent sourcing the most stylish, high-quality, and sustainable garments. As Christine’s interests continued to evolve, so did her passion.
As we know, babies grow at an incredibly fast pace, tripling their birth weight by the first birthday. Parents are often stuck with many unworn and barely used clothing. They’re also frustrated by online shopping and browsing endlessly to find outfits. Christine wants to ensure every busy and tired parent no longer has to spend their time shopping for children’s clothes again. Modern Day Baby is the only baby clothing subscription that offers free baby styling with a minimalistic approach. This one of a kind service offers capsule wardrobes that are catered specifically to your child’s clothing preference. Thanks to this service you no longer have to worry about putting outfits together again. Many parents find it challenging to balance their time between work and the many other tasks that come with being a parent. Modern Day Baby’s mission is to free up time for parents, creating quality time for their baby while reducing clutter and clothing waste. The most important part of this mission contributes to a more sustainable future for children and the generations to come.

Please browse our site and learn more about our sustainable subscription for Modern Day parents. Rent your baby’s wardrobe and swap as they grow.

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