We want to make a sustainable lifestyle easy and accessible for all conscious parents who want to reduce clothing waste,  help cut down on fast fashions, reduce your family’s carbon footprint, save money while looking good. By renting with us, you will consume less and spend less; while also having access to a variety of cute outfits and premium brands without the stress of shopping. We save parents their valuable time and resources so they can focus on what matters most: spending quality time with their little ones.


The most exciting part of all, is the enjoyment of receiving surprise capsules right at your front steps!


When you rent our packages there is no commitment; you have the option to pause, or cancel at any time.


Yes, you pay a rental fee every month or 3 months that you have the clothes. 


There are no obligations you can cancel at anytime!


Our stylist hand pick and curate the capsules based on your child’s clothing preferences form. We ask parents and family members to help us get to know their child by filling out this quick form. In the note section you can provide further details about the clothing styles you wish to have and any special upcoming events.



We carry many sustainable Canadian brands such: Parade, Sapling, Petit Lem, Miles, Bajoue, Jax and Lennon, Bear & Roo, Kindly the Label, Five Little Wildings, Itty bitty baby, Nest & Nurture and many more. We’re also strong supporters of local thrift shops, and work closely with women who create hand made pieces for our shop.


Some US brands that we carry are Mebie Baby, Goumi Kids, Colored Organics, Quincy Mae, Rylee and Cru, etc. Many unique and sought out pieces are purchased from Korea and Europe. Brands like Monbebe are one of our favourite and a must-have in our collections. Because of our unique program, we source clothing from all around the world looking for special timeless pieces. Our curated capsules could have a variety of different brands and no two packages are ever the same.


All of the clothing will be brand new, like new or good condition. Sometimes clothing may be upcycled but still will be in good condition.We will never package clothing that has any wear and tear, or stains. We thoroughly detect every piece of clothing and make sure that the clothing you receive are in great condition before allowing the item to be rented. 


Our clothing is made from organic or eco friendly fabrics. 


Completely fine if the clothes get stained. We understand kids can get messy! Once we receive our items back, our team will try their best to remove any stains and fix any damages. We are committed to extending the life of a garment, and our team goes the extra mile to repair the clothing.


In the event that you forget what was in your bundle just email us. We always have a photo of your order saved.


If you lose an item from your capsule, you will be charged the price of the item.


Contact: info@moderndaybaby.com


We change your monthly payment to the date you received your package, this way you will not lose any days with your capsule.


Each time we curate a package, the preloved clothing gets washed & hang dryed then steam ironed before packaging.


We use a eco friendly, non-toxic, unscented hypoallergenic detergent.  


*Please note that brand new clothes will be left as is and you will have to wash before wearing.


It is not mandatory but we highly encourage you to fill in the form. The clothing preference form is a great reference for us but there is no guarantee you’ll receive the colours & styles that were chosen. The results from parents receiving our curated capsule wardrobes based on the form have been positive so far! 

Babies can quickly overheat if they fall asleep with hats/accessories or too many layers on. 


We ask that you only let your child fall asleep in appropriate items approved for sleepwear. 


If you can’t find the care symbols on the garments, as a quick tip we recommend washing children’s clothes in cold water and air dry or low gentle cycle.


*Most clothing can be worn multiple times before washing.


Please see our Laundry Care page for more instructions and tips.


Canada wide.


Free shipping is included with the capsules.


It takes anywhere from 1-5 business days to curate your package not including the shipping time. We’re a family run business, and will try our best to accommodate you as soon as possible!


Because of Covid there are no guarantees and some packages may be delayed. Typically you should expect to receive your package via Canada Post between 2-7  business days not including the processing time.


It is best to order as soon as possible to ensure you get your clothing as quick as possible.


You must keep the original package for returning. If you use an alternative packaging and it exceeds the price of original shipping you will be responsible to pay the difference. Packaging must be similar size to our poly mail bags. 


When your child starts to outgrow the clothing and you’re ready to ship the items back just email us. We typically get the next capsule ready around the 3 month mark but we understand all babies grow at a different pace. We will ship your next capsule as soon as we receive your tracking number.

Email us: info@moderndaybaby.com 


Use this link to return your capsule:



Canada Return ID #PR220178


Remove the old shipping label and drop off at your nearest Canada Post using your new shipping label.


The yearly subscriptions helps you save money and time. This convenient service provides washed and ready to wear capsules sent to you every 3 months. Once your child surpasses 1 year you will receive a capsule every 6 months instead of 3 because their growth starts to slow down.


A yearly subscription helps parents not have to worry about shopping for their kids clothing again. A hassle-free shopping experience that helps parents free up their time & energy and also providing the element of surprise and fun every time you open up a capsule!


Right now, our focus is ages 0-3 years old for our capsules because these are the years children grow the fastest, and they get the least amount of wears. 


As our business grows, there is a good chance we expand our sizes and more products to our site.


At this time, we do not offer exchange or returns due to complexity of our program but if something is wrong with our product


please email us at: support@moderndaybaby.com 


Please note, refunds are given in a form of store credit at this time.



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