This one of a kind capsule wardrobe is hand selected & carefully curated with modern styles and sustainable fabrics to suit your individual needs. No two packages are ever the same. We do all the work, so parents no longer have to.

Buy our one-time capsule subscription and save yearly.

The Everyday capsule delivered right to your front door steps. A fun and different capsule each and every time! No more hassle shopping for baby clothes for every growth spurts again. When you rent our yearly subscription instead of buy, you are taking part in the transition to a zero-waste circular economy. Buy our yearly subscription and save your money & time! 



10 Trees will be planted for this order. 


What our customers are saying

Easy and sustainable outfits for baby

August 31, 2023

We were really overwhelmed with all the choices that we had to make with our little one’s arrival. Modern Day Baby helped take a load off of our minds! Our baby arrived early, and they were able to quickly send over a super cute capsule wardrobe as soon as we needed it. They even had sizes small enough!

Love the styling, sustainability, and ease of swaps. It definitely helped us de-stress our baby’s arrival and the first few months!

Erin Marchak

Just makes sense!

August 31, 2023

Christine’s ability to create the perfect stylized outfits (both adorable and super functional) has been so convenient and saved us so much time getting our little one ready. The idea of shopping sustainably is something so important to my husband and I so subscribing to MDB made so much sense for us. The experience in general has been so great for us!


We wanted to make the most sustainable choices for our family

August 28, 2023

Babies create a lot of waste but in addition to our cloth diapering we wanted to make the most sustainable choices for our family. We love Modern Day Baby for the high quality and organic clothing they provide us! And for the fraction of the price that we are paying, we’re saving so much money. This was the best decision ever!

Allison S

cute, convenient, conscious

May 10, 2023

With my first child, I bought so many clothes, not knowing how much I truly needed. Now with my second child, I’ve been extra reserved about buying clothes, since he won’t be passing them down to another. Renting has been an absolutely incredible experience. I still get to dress him in cute, quality clothes, and I won’t be left with a bunch of stuff to sell or donate when he grows (which he is doing incredibly quickly). There is also so much convenience in getting an entire wardrobe from one place. Renting a capsule has saved me time, money and storage space. All in all, amazing experience!!


I wish I could give more stars

March 31, 2023

I would just like to comment for parents who are skeptical or don’t know how it works or if it’s worth it. I’m a fashion stylist and love exploring sustainable fashion but cannot always justify the prices because of how quickly he has been growing. Using Modern Day Baby is a great opportunity to try out great pieces from top brands while being conscious of our planet. This is a convenient service and every item in the capsule is selected based off of your preferences. I think that rental services for children’s clothing especially is such a brilliant idea and we are proud to be apart of the MDB family!


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