This one of a kind capsule wardrobe is hand selected & carefully curated with modern styles and sustainable fabrics to suit your individual needs. No two packages are ever the same. We do all the work, so parents no longer have to.

Buy our one-time capsule subscription and save yearly.

The Everyday capsule delivered right to your front door steps. A fun and different capsule each and every time! No more hassle shopping for baby clothes for every growth spurts again. When you rent our yearly subscription instead of buy, you are taking part in the transition to a zero-waste circular economy. Buy our yearly subscription and save your money & time! 



10 Trees will be planted for this order. 


What our customers are saying

Worth the money!

Rated 5 out of 5
January 6, 2023

Before I found modern day baby, I’d buy clothes that my little one would wear for a week before he grew out of them. Then eventually, I was left with all these clothes that don’t fit and have to donate. MDB is an amazing business. I feel better knowing that I’m buying sustainable clothing that we can return when we’re ready for a new capsule as my baby grows or the seasons change. Plus, it’s just a huge bonus that all the clothing that comes in the capsules are great quality and stylish. I mean, how often can you say your kid has their own personal stylist ;). I wish I found MDB sooner, but so happy that I found them regardless!


Beautiful capsule perfect for busy moms!

Rated 5 out of 5
October 12, 2022

I love having my daughter in a stylish capsule wardrobe without having to spend hours shopping and tons of money. The cost of one item is what you pay for a whole month of outfits! The clothes are so beautiful!! I also love being able to be a part of sustainable fashion. So easy to just send the clothes back when they don’t fit and get a whole new capsule of outfits. I’m so glad I discovered modern day baby!


I will never buy single use clothes again!!!

Rated 5 out of 5
September 14, 2022

I have never been a fan of fast fashion, both because of its environmental threat and because of its poor quality. I am so happy that I found this environmentally friendly recyclable clothing business to rent clothes from for my two kiddos.

Every article is well picked, tailored to my specific preferences, excellent quality, comfortable, stylish, so so soft, and always arrives in pristine condition. I also love that all of the clothes are from small businesses, so you feel like you’re making an impact on multiple levels when you rent with Modern Day Baby! My kids grow out of clothes so fast too, so I’m so happy to have found a company that grows with my kiddos!

I would recommend this company to anyone and everyone with a baby or young child!!!

Rebecca Bourdon

We love Modern Day Baby!!

Rated 5 out of 5
August 11, 2022

I am SO happy I came across Modern Day Baby!! The ease of it all is just what I needed as a first time Mom. They pick out THE cutest outfits that we wear all the time!! Not only are the outfits perfect but knowing they are an eco friendly company is such a good feeling. Thank you Christine!!



Rated 5 out of 5
August 1, 2022

Took me more than half a year to write a review. Why? Because I do not know how to describe how good Modern Day Baby is. From the idea of making a personalized capsule for every single kid to the outstanding customer service. The moment I saw a yearly subscription that Modern Day baby offer, I knew right away that this will be one of the best spent ever. $1600 for 3 years on baby clothing is waaay to good to be true, and here I am wanting to extend it more if one day there is an option for it. Christine, I want to thank you for every capsule that you curated from your heart. I will for sure to have another subscription again if I have a chance. For mommy or daddy that reading this, trust me. Don’t hesitate to click that subscription, you will love it.

Irene Christine Wennylie

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